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So many things have happened since February last blog, in terms of production team and animation. Let’s talk about the team first. There has been some major restructuring and rejuggling of roles. This is just a diplomatic and pseudo-English way to say.”People have dropped out!!! Aaarghhh”. Okay, let’s not panic nor scare the readers.
After years of utter commitment and blind faith Emma O’Sullivan and Amy Rutter, the two gems of the production team have sadly withdrawn from first hand involvement in the  project. Their busy life and sparkling careers have demanded more attention. Now at this delicate and busy junction I am left in charge of..pretty much everything!! Good news!! Especially considering I am nowhere near as computer-savvy as Emma is and nowhere near as marketing-aware as Amy is. So you will be pleased to hear I’m now overlooking website updates, blog, twitter, advertising, festivals contacts and entry, on top of still directing the animation side and building sets with Louisa and Christine..Brilliant..Will I be able to do it? I just don’t want to end up being the caffeine junky that I was when I started this project. Let’s see. Some things are just inevitable, I guess (like the three cups of strong coffee I’ve had just to get started on this blog entry).
Jokes aside, losing two main members of the team has only contributed to focus my whole energy in to Dolls even further, simply because there’s no one else out there able to do it for me or with me. I’m not scared of the amount of work (I’m more worried about writing boring blogs!). On the contrary, I’m looking forward to the changes ahead; to what I can bring to those roles and ultimately to embracing this new phase for my Dolls.
If I was to speak in percentages, I’d say there’s the last 30% of production (animation) to push through and then it’s editing. I therefore think that this last stretch and recent changes need to be honoured with a refreshed face for Dolls. I have been working with the talented Lara Ingram on a poster and official logo; I’ll be closing the Fb group to open a Fb Page and, as the first animation test footage comes in (late July), we will be working on a new trailer. Now, if I was to speak in morals, I’d I wouldn’t know what to say actually..I’ll just finish off promising loads and loads of exciting news, for your cute little scary dolls are back..

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  • Comment by Francesca — November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 am

    Yaaaay!! Glad to hear DOLLS is back on track, disregarding the drop outs. It will push through! DOLLS will prevail (plus I cannot wait! :D)nn1

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