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  • July20th

    DOLLS film production diary day threeToday saw the final full length day of our live action shoot. Emma collected me in our trusty rented van and we took off to Elena’s house where all of the equipment was being stored.

    There were met Warren, Christin and Louisa and began the three-floor trek up and down the stairs collecting the equipment and packing it up into the van. This was no mean feat, some of the equipment, particularly the professional lights, was so heavy! Much of it was a two (wo)man job carrying it down the stairs and placing it into the van. To be honest, by the end of it I was exhausted and ready to go home! But this was just the start of the day.

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  • July18th

    DOLLS film production diary day twoIt’s 3pm, and we’re loading up the vans for the mammoth 16-hour shoot that’s awaiting us. Coming hot on the heels of a similar feat the night before (check out the production diary by “1st Smoke Wafter” Russ Stedman for more on that), we’re all a little tired, a little anxious – and very, very excited.

    Because tonight is the big one: the most complex and challenging day of the shoot by far. Featuring two locations, four vehicles, 11 crew members, five cast members, one dog and only six hours of darkness to grab the rest of our night shots, it was a logistical nightmare. And miraculously, everything went according to plan. Well, sort of…

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  • July16th

    DOLLS film live shoot – day one in LewesI am always looking for chances to work on films and the Dolls film seemed like a great opportunity for me. After seeing the position for ‘Production Assistant’ advertised at my university I checked out the website and straight away wanted to be involved. I love dark, creepy dark films and was intrigued by the proposed mix of live action and stock animation, but also the chance to work with people who are doing the very thing I want to do some day. My application process consisted of a barrage of online harassment via email to Emma (production manger), the film’s Facebook group and Twitter. A couple of days later I got the job. I like to think it was my charming personality that secured me the position… but it was probably more to do with the fact I had a car.

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  • June4th

    Well that’s it – the live action shoot’s over, and despite a few ups and downs, a couple of long days and longer nights, and some very bizarre occurrences in an alleyway in Lewes, we managed to get almost all of the live action footage for the short film safely onto our memory cards.

    After all of the preparation and development required to get us to this stage, we still can’t quite believe that the shoot’s over – but fortunately we have these production stills to tell us otherwise!

    Dolls shoot - The attic

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  • May21st

    Oh yes, after nearly two years of development we are very, very happy to announce that the live action shoot for the short film is happening next week!

    The shoot is taking place over a period of 5 days from Sunday 27th May to Thursday 31st May, and we’re going to be filming at some wonderful locations in Brighton and Lewes, as well as at the fantastic medieval St Mary’s Church in Warbleton.

    We’ve got an absolutely fab group of people on board – check out the Crew page for the latest editions – including cinematographer Richard Swingle, who is managing to squeeze us in between globe-trotting feature film shoots in Nigeria and Nepal.

    We’re all working our socks off to get things ready in time for the shoot, and we couldn’t be more excited!

    See you on the set!

  • April9th

    On Saturday 24th March we took over the Rock Inn pub in Brighton for our first live event – a Victoriana Extravaganza. Featuring performance artists, circus performers, stilt walkers, animation installations and steampunk sculptures courtesy of Circus Kinetica, the event was a roaring success, especially as many of our guests got into the Dickensian spirit and arrived in full costume!

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  • March19th

    We’ve got some fantastic updates on this weekend’s fundraising event, as we take over 2 floors of the Rock Inn pub in Kemptown to bring you an enchanting and extraordinary programme of Dickensian-themed entertainment.

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  • March3rd

    We’re very excited to welcome renowned artists’ group Circus Kinetica on board!

    Circus Kinetica will be providing some of their famous steampunk sculptures for our Victoriana Extravaganza event on Saturday 24th March, and are also working on some animatronic metal characters for the short film.

    Kinetic Sculpture

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  • February23rd

    Tickets for our first live event – a Victoriana Extravaganza – are on sale now through Eventbrite.

    The event will be an installation-based live show featuring dance, music, video, physical theatre, steampunk sculptures and immersive decor.

    It’s at The Rock Inn, Brighton on Saturday 24th March from 7pmAdvance tickets are only £6, or £4 for for students or attendees in fancy dress, so get into the Dickensian spirit and come along in your best vintage costumes!

    We’ll be posting updates in the run up to the event as performers and musicians are announced. See the Events page for more info.

  • February16th

    We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added two fantastic new crew members to the Dolls team.

    Jay Moy is a digital media artist and freelance producer. He’s shot and edited music promos for avant garde indie artists Cool Fun, and is joining the team as Dolls’ editor.

    Amy Rutter is a Digital Marketing Consultant for local digital agency Zero G Media, and is joining the team as our new production assistant.

    Visit the Crew page to find out more about the rest of our lovely team.