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  • January7th

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    Colin armature complete

    Three of the main characters in “Dolls” are a trio of adorable stop-motion animated teddies called Colin (a horse), Philip (a teddy bear) and Margherita (a ragdoll).

    To make the teddies, our sponsors Animation Toolkit kindly donated 3 of their newly redeveloped Pro Armature Kits, developed by Ray Harryhausen. These armatures will become the skeletons of the puppets.

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  • January6th

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    News has been a bit quiet from Dolls HQ recently, but this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy!

    We’ve been beavering away preparing for the animation shoot, and to prove it we’re going to be posting some diary entries from our animator Louisa.

    Her first two diary entries are going to provide tutorials for building stop-motion puppet armatures and casting plaster models of human features. We’ll be posting the first entry tomorrow morning, and the second one is going to follow a week later. We’ll also be posting more coverage of the puppet-making and animation process as we go along!

    We hope you enjoy them!

  • December3rd

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    Margherita the RagdollWe’ve been on a marathon puppet making drive, and finally have the test puppets for Colin, Phillip and Margherita!

    Elena and our wonderful puppet makers Louisa and Helen have been working on them over the last week and have built full-size models of the three main puppets that’ll feature in the short film.

    It’s been brilliant to see Dan Lish‘s fabulous concept art come to life. We’ve been wanting to get these ready so we can start producing a storyboard and animatic for the film using photos of the full-size puppets, and Elena’s also going out on a photoshoot with them next week to get some early promotional shots.

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