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  • July1st

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    So many things have happened since February last blog, in terms of production team and animation. Let’s talk about the team first. There has been some major restructuring and rejuggling of roles. This is just a diplomatic and pseudo-English way to say.”People have dropped out!!! Aaarghhh”. Okay, let’s not panic nor scare the readers.
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  • February7th


    Director Elena Saorin explains the themes of DOLLS…

    Margherita dollIt’s about life. Isn’t everything about life, considering that everything is pervaded by it? And how vague and pompously shallow is this statement? Ok I’ll put more effort in to this… if it’s about life, it must be about death. The two go together, hand in hand, in a macabre game of hide and seek (where we are always found). If it’s about death, it must be about growing up I guess. Whatever that means… approaching the final hour, finding enlightenment,  lightness of being (unbearable, someone would say)… suffering… yeah, growing up is about suffering mostly. That’s what you remember the most anyway. Then, love must come in to the equation… an overused and overloaded word, almost meaningless by now… but not for my Doll.

    In true romantic tradition (in terms of romantic literature), the DOLLS fantastical story came out of the broken subconscious of a lonely soul in search for something. What’s that something? It’s not for me to decide. It’s not just my story now. It escaped my grip long ago.

    It feels forced now to work out “DOLLS themes”. I wasn’t thinking about them when I spewed it out a few years back. It’s just a story – a story about a character who meets other characters in a place that doesn’t really exists. Aren’t most films, books, tales just like that? What would make it different and special is… you. You and your tale. Your “themes” reflected on Doll’s story. Make it yours. It is yours… enjoy it as you would enjoy life, death, growing up, crying and loving.

  • November10th

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    Two very talented new crew members have just joined the production.

    Jonathan Brooks is creative director of United Magic Film Studios, specialists in creative online video content. He’s best known for directing and producing the short kitesurfing documentary “The Man That Touched The Sky”.

    Eva Sigurdardottir is a producer and script editor originally from Iceland. She studied Television Production at the University of Westminster, graduating with a first class honours in 2008. Since graduating she’s worked on a number of shorts and feature films, television and online productions, and has travelled the world self-shooting a documentary. For the past few years she worked for BBC Children’s specializing in animation, acquisitions and drama.

    Visit the Crew page to find out more about the rest of our lovely team.

  • February16th

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    We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added two fantastic new crew members to the Dolls team.

    Jay Moy is a digital media artist and freelance producer. He’s shot and edited music promos for avant garde indie artists Cool Fun, and is joining the team as Dolls’ editor.

    Amy Rutter is a Digital Marketing Consultant for local digital agency Zero G Media, and is joining the team as our new production assistant.

    Visit the Crew page to find out more about the rest of our lovely team.