• Animation
  • February20th

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    Philip, Margherita and Colin

    At this stage of the puppet making we’re concentrating on getting the shape of each of the puppets right. The main factors to take into consideration are the general volume of each character and their flexibility to animate.

    After adding the first rough layer of foam, we started to shave the memory foam off in some areas – around the joints, for instance – to facilitate moving the limbs.

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  • January14th

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    Plastercast hands

    Following on from our first animation diary last week, in this entry we cover creating the plastercast replicas of our lead human character for use in the stop-motion animation scenes.

    For the first scene of the film we needed to replicate Doll’s arms and hands, which are placed on the arm rest of the chair she’s sitting on whilst the teddies are sitting on Doll’s lap.

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  • January6th

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    News has been a bit quiet from Dolls HQ recently, but this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy!

    We’ve been beavering away preparing for the animation shoot, and to prove it we’re going to be posting some diary entries from our animator Louisa.

    Her first two diary entries are going to provide tutorials for building stop-motion puppet armatures and casting plaster models of human features. We’ll be posting the first entry tomorrow morning, and the second one is going to follow a week later. We’ll also be posting more coverage of the puppet-making and animation process as we go along!

    We hope you enjoy them!