• About the Film

DOLLS is an ambitious short film with a very strong distinctive style. Inspired and  influenced by the work of Jan Svankmeyer and the Brothers Quay, it combines stop motion animation and live action with Victorian England-inspired colours, costumes and characters, and a touch of the darkness of Bolex Brothers. It will look stunning, sound amazing and stay in your heart!

Beyond the film, the project will also develop into artworks, a music score, a graphic novel and site-specific live performance/installations.

In March, we held our first live event at The Rock Inn in Brighton – a Victoriana Extravaganza featuring performance artists, circus performers, stilt walkers, animation installations and steampunk sculptures courtesy of Circus Kinetica. It was a roaring success, especially as many of our guests got into the Dickensian spirit and arrived in full costume! Check out our Previous Events page for photos and video coverage of the night.

We shot the live action footage for the short film in May, and are currently shooting the animation footage with a release planned for Autumn 2013.

The DOLLS team is based in Brighton, UK.